The Woman Behind the Story

Ara's journey embodies the fusion of personal experience and entrepreneurial drive. Juggling her roles as a UX designer and a mother, Ara intimately understood the discomfort of prolonged sitting, fueling her quest for padded leather slippers that seamlessly merged comfort with style. Drawing on her design background from the National College of Arts (NCA), Ara meticulously crafted slippers that married technical precision with visual allure, setting her products apart in the market.

Motivated by her own challenges, Ara embarked on a mission to redefine footwear. She envisioned slippers with stretchable straps for a secure yet fashionable fit, refining each detail to cater to the needs of individuals like herself. Through relentless research and feedback, Ara perfected her designs, resonating with her target audience.

Her unwavering dedication culminated in the launch of a collection of padded slippers that earned widespread acclaim. Ara's transformation from a mother and UX designer to a successful entrepreneur underscores the potency of personal experience and innovation, inspiring others to pursue their visions with determination and creativity.


What we do

Pakistan is the hub of talented artisans. The art of leather making dates back to the Indus Civilization where the people sewed pieces of leather together by hand for their articrafts. Reviving the skill of handcrafted goods, we at ARA are collaborating with our highly talented indigenous craftsmen to produce some of the finest leather footwear for women.

We are re-thinking luxury.

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